‘Counting Feminicide with Catherine D’Ignazio’ Book Club Launches

We are excited to announce the launch of the Book Club “Counting Feminicide with Catherine D’Ignazio” on Monday, May 13th. This initiative has already attracted over 500 English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking participants from around the world, thanks to the generous support of  MIT Press and the collaboration of Professor Catherine D’Ignazio, Director of the MIT Data + Feminism Lab as well as the Data Against Feminicide Project. At Data-Pop Alliance (DPA), we are proud to co-organize this important project alongside Eureka.

Remember, this initiative is completely free, and you can still join using this link.

Theme of the Club

This Book Club will focus on discussing the new book “Counting Feminicide: Data Feminism In Action“, written by Catherine D’Ignazio, Associate Professor of Urban Science and Planning at MIT, co-author (with Lauren F. Klein) of the 2020 book “Data Feminism,” Director of the MIT Data + Feminism Lab, and co-founder of the Data Against Feminicides Project. These initiatives collectively enabled the birth of this book.

“Counting Feminicide” documents and supports the work of grassroots feminist data activists as they engage in documenting feminicides and gender-related killings, particularly across the Americas. The book explores the intersection of data science and social activism, revealing the power of restorative and transformative data science to bring about social justice and challenge mainstream forms of data science. Catherine adopts an intersectional approach to address how feminicides are linked to racism, colonialism, and economic injustice. It also highlights the specific challenges faced by Indigenous and Black women, who often lead the fight against feminicide. The book underscores the need to understand feminicide within these broader systemic contexts to effectively address and prevent it, aiming for a world where gender-related killings are eradicated because the political and economic conditions that produce such violence no longer exist.

How Does the Book Club Work?

Over the next three months (from May 13 to August 31), participants will discuss, reflect, and learn about the efforts of activists across the Americas in documenting femicides and gender-related killings.

It is important to note that although the book is currently available only in English, we are providing summarized content for participants in Spanish and Portuguese to bring the lessons from this book to a wider audience.

By joining, participants will have access to the following Book Club features:

  • Reading Schedule: A suggested timeline to follow the book chapter by chapter at a comfortable pace, in line with the summaries and online discussions.
  • Bi-monthly Summaries: Text and audio summaries in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Bi-monthly Online Conversations with Catherine D’Ignazio: Opportunities to discuss the book with the community and the author, featuring live interpretation in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Google Calendar and WhatsApp Group: Follow these to stay up to date with all the Club’s activities and events.

Book and Movie Featured


As mentioned, the main focus of discussion will be the book “Counting Feminicide: Data Feminism in Action”. You can download the free PDF version of the book here – or purchase the PDF/physical book here.

To accompany and complemente the discussion, the selected movie is the documentary “The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo”, directed by Carlos Pérez Osorio and available in Netflix. It recounts Marisela Escobedo’s unwavering quest for justice after her daughter’s murder in Mexico, exposing the flaws in the country’s justice system and the dangers of confronting corruption and organized crime.

First Online Discussion

On Tuesday, May 21, we had the honor of hosting the first of eight online discussions, featuring Catherine D’Ignazio, as well as Helena Suárez and Silvana Fumega, all co-founders of the Data Against Feminicide project. To watch, click the button below!

Join us!

If the discussion brought by the book piques your interest, you can still join us! The Club continues until August. Click the button below (in your preferred language) to learn more and sign up!


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