DPA’s Director Participates in SDG Learncast

DPA Team May 24 2022 News

DPA's Director Participated in the SDG Learncast


Data-Pop Alliance Director Emmanuel Letouzé participated in the SDG Learncast podcast series, which is produced by UN SDG:Learn. The episode, titled “How can we use the data revolution and new technologies in reaching to the most vulnerable groups?”, was an interview-style conversation with Paulyn Duman (Coordinator for the Joint Secretariat of UN SDG:Learn).

The discussion focused on the vast increase in volume and types of data that have proliferated as a result of the “Data Revolution.” While the application of these data to inform policymaking (among other uses) has been beneficial, there is also a pressing need to ensure that vulnerable and marginalized populations are not left behind. The episode explores these themes, including Emmanuel’s perspective on how to increase digital equity going forward. 

"It’s how to involve vulnerable groups or the 'bottom billion', the people who are never in those discussions, who are hardly even represented in datasets because they do not emit a lot of digital crumbs and so they are invisible statistically."
Emmanuel Letouzé

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