Last Call for Registration: Join Data-Pop Alliance at the Global Festival of Ideas!

Last Call for Registration:
Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development
New thinking for a better world
1-3 March 2017
World Conference Centre, Bonn, Germany

We are honored to be a part of the crowd of leading thinkers, policy-makers, civil society and activists, together with gaming experts and policy simulators that will gather in Bonn, Germany on March 1-3, for the first ‘playable’ conference on the SDGs. Be a part of it and register by tomorrow, February 7 at

Data-Pop Alliance is excited to be leading Day 3 on Disruptors to Development with the World Food Programme. As for the other two days, interactive and immersion sessions will feature:

  • High level plenary sessions, presentations, discussion and debates to share critical ideas, showcase success and hear from keynote speakers
  • Real time problem-solving through policy simulations and participatory games based on interactive technology, built by expert game designers
  • Innovation hubs that showcase the work of wide variety of organizations.

Featured Data Pop Alliance speakers on Day 3 include:

  • Chief Data Scientist Dr Nuria Oliver, Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone;
  • Research Affiliate Dr Bruno Lepri, Head of Mobile and Social Computing Lab at FBK;
  • Co-founder and co-Director Professor Patrick Vinck, Assistant Professor at Harvard University, Director of Research at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative;
  • Co-Director for Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Professor Phuong Pham, Assistant Professor at Harvard University;
  • Director and co-Founder Dr Emmanuel Letouzé, Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab
  • Research Affiliate Bessie Schwarz, Co-founder, Cloud to Street
  • Xavier Vollenweider, Researcher, Flowminder Foundation

The online registration form and the full agenda for the Festival are available here.


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