Introducing the UNSSC/Data-Pop Alliance Big Data & Sustainable Development Open Learning Hub

Nov 29 2017 News

As part of our data literacy program, Data-Pop Alliance and the Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development of the United Nations Staff College (UNSSC), are excited to share the launch of the “Big Data & Sustainable Development Open Learning Hub”.

Our vision is the creation of a global community of practice, through an open and free interactive learning platform, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and capacity-building about Big Data and Sustainable Development.

Join us now! The first module on “Big Data and Social Physics” is available. It was developed with inputs from Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, MIT Professor and Academic Director of Data-Pop Alliance. You will find below the learning program for the next several modules.

Steps to access CLANED:

1.       Click here

2.       Register and create your profile

3.       Look under the section “invited boards” to access the learning hub