Overview and Outlook 2021-2023

Even for the most optimistic, any hopes that 2021 and the first half of 2022 would constitute a decisive upward inflection from recent and old trends should, by now, unfortunately have been put to rest. The past year has been generally more of the same, or worse, as pre-existing fissures and excesses have continued to be exposed and often exacerbated: unequal access to vaccines, ever-growing income and wealth disparities, gender-based violence, political polarization, and conflicts on all continents –all within the context of climate change. The war in Ukraine is creating a major humanitarian crisis and sending geopolitical and economic shock waves affecting access to affordable food and energy for millions of households across the globe, including in highly dependent and fragile developing regions already experiencing political violence and tensions.

We have tried to respond to these challenges and opportunities through our work, motivated by the conviction that putting data, technology and AI in the right hands towards the right ends could contribute to “changing the world” for the better. This report features examples of past, ongoing and future projects, and provides a snapshot of the portfolio of work that we aim to develop in 2022 and 2023 to leverage and democratize data and technology for a more equitable and sustainable world.

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