Read the Latest Quarterly Update Q4 2020

Our Latest Quarterly Update (Q4 2020) is Out!

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While 2020 was a historically challenging year for most, 2021 provides an opportunity to finally start resetting and rewiring our systems to build a better and fairer world. We are convinced that data can and must help address structural imbalances, injustices and excesses laid bare by the pandemic. In our latest Quarterly Update (Q4, 2020) you will find a summary for our recent and ongoing efforts to contribute to “changing the world with data”, including:

  • The COVID-19 socio-economic impact assessments we’re developing in Sub-Saharan Africa and West Sahel regions with UNDP Country Offices.
  • The risk models to map Violence against Women and Girls in México, Bogotá and São Paulo with GIZ Data Lab and Unidas.
  • The project with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) to strengthen technical capacities for sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean through workshops in Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay and Guatemala, and a regional study.
  • The recently published policy paper “Using Data To Fight COVID-19 – And Build Back Better“, produced in collaboration with the Vodafone Institute.

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We look forward to the work ahead in 2021, and wish all of you and your families and friends Happy Holidays, hoping you will remain safe.






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