Zinnya del Villar Presents DPA’s “Racial Justice Data Project” at RightsCon Costa Rica

DPA Research Director of Data Science Zinnya del Villar gave a presentation titled, “The Racial Justice Data Project: Pursuing Racial Justice through Data in Europe and Latin America”, on July 7th at RightsCon Costa Rica. Zinnya’s travel and participation in the event was made possible through a grant provided by Data Values Project, which is a global movement to ensure that the benefits of the data revolution are shared equitably with those around the world. 

In her talk, Zinnya outlined how DPA’s Racial Justice Data Project aims to use data to address systemic inequalities stemming from race. However, in order to understand these inequalities (in education, employment, housing, and other indicators), high-quality disaggregated data in needed. Our project will help to remedy this situation through the creation of a dashboard in which standardized data is brought together and made accessible to those with the power to address these issues. Paired with a mission to advance advocacy and drive impact towards equity, as well as the use of non-traditional data sources to compliment findings, the project is truly unique in its ability to drive social change. 


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